Supporting Healthcare facilities in OrokoLand

The Oroko Cultural Association, Georgia, USA is embarking on a medical project aimed at supporting hospitals and healthcare facilities in Orokoland with medical supplies and equipments. Like any other project, we are expected to gather adequate and relevant information that will helps the Association develop a strategy and plan contingent to the common goal and […]

Oroko GA. Children Programs

The Oroko cultural association recognizes the need to involve their children as they move towards developing members and concern communities. To emphasize how seriously the association considers this target group, a specific structure called the Oroko Educational Fund Committee was created and is reflected in its constitution. OUR TARGET POPULATION/GROUP: This committee composed of four […]

Address by President Mediko (2010 – 2012)

Dear Brothers and Sisters of Our Beloved Oroko, GA Chapter, With all gratitude and respect I have for the Oroko people and their culture, I have accepted and come this far to walk a walk of no turning back. I have come so that we can all walk, dance and share another era of a […]

Address By President Dienga (2014 – 2016)

Bana ba Oroko, Georgia Chapter, I salute you all. It is with great honor and respect I accept to take on this great journey to be your newly elected President for the year 2014.In light of this, many thanks go to those who bestowed their faith and trust in me. To those who I am […]

Adolf Ebile’s – OCA-usa Book Drive Initiative

It may be estimated that the entire Oroko Region has more than one hundred schools – Primary, Vocational, Technical, Commercial, and Secondary schools. Most of these schools are government created with little or no infrastructural facilities if compared to other Regions. Yes, unlike “Yesterday”, our parents “Today” are determined to see their children go through […]