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Several years ago in the Oroko regions, messages were transmitted from one village to another by the beating of wooden drums, - the "Elimbi". The neighboring villages interpreted the rhythms from these drums to obtain the messages and responded accordingly. Later on, a messenger was dispatched carrying a "Desungu", - ( a special stick tied like a bundle with special leaves ) to the next village. From the look at the special bundle, the village elders interpreted and understood the messages and responded accordingly. Specifically, when a chief had a message for his villagers, this messenger would run around the village ringing a bell and relating the message to the villagers. This person was called the "Town Crier". This web site is the Town Crier for every reader, and particularly for all OROKOS. It will provide the public with special events in both the association and the Oroko Culture. We will be a vehicle to announce cultural and community events across the USA and worldwide as the need arises. We would like to promote businesses owned by OROKO indigenes at home and in the diaspora. After browsing our web site, please take a moment to use the feedback form to let us know how you feel about the Oroko Culture

Address By President Iya Aboko (2020 – Present )

Address By President Dienga (2014 – 2016)

Bana ba Oroko, Georgia Chapter, I salute you all. It is with great honor and respect I accept to take on this great journey to be your newly elected President for the year 2014.In light of this, many thanks go to those who bestowed their faith and trust in me. To those who I am entrusted to work with, accept my appreciation for the confidence you have in me. (more…)

Address By President Mediko (2010 – 2012)

Dear Brothers and Sisters of Our Beloved Oroko, GA Chapter. With all gratitude and respect I have for the Oroko people and their culture, I have accepted and come this far to walk a walk of no turning back. I have come so that we can all walk, dance and share another era of a devoted President Elect. (more…)

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We are passionately committed to serving you and upholding our cultural values

Iya Hannah Aboko


Evaristus Nanje

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Emmanuel Nanje


Adolf Ebile

Financial Secretary

Emmanuel Ikoe

Secretary General

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